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" Off The Grid "

Buy your dream " Off The Grid " property
with Mercurium Finance

*No more electricity and water bills with our 
complete Off The Grid house. is our architects office division from Mercurium Inc.

Have a look below...and buy your 
Off The Grid Property now!

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* When you buy a complete Off The Grid House, there's NO more electricity and water bills as the house is fully autonomous. So it's worth it!

It's a compact, prefabricated house that is easily shipped and quickly assembled. It features a full kitchen, bath, and all elements to comfortably support four adults. What sets the Off The Grid house apart from other prefab structures is the ability to operate independently, without the need for any external connections. The Off The Grid house generates its own power, processes its own waste, collects and stores rainwater, and requires minimal maintenance.


Off The Grid house, can be used in many applications, including residential uses in remote or ecologically sensitive locations, as ecotourism resort units, or as living/office modules for remote employment such as mining, construction, or relief agency uses. With the Off The Grid House you can live anywhere – comfortably.

With its iconic design, expansive living area, and variety of sustainability options, the all-new Off The Grid House defines the future of comfortable compact living. This 1200 square foot “machine for living” is centered around a large, bright living and dining space that opens onto a spacious fully-featured kitchen. Upstairs are two large bedrooms with closets, a generous bath, and a full roof deck that is perfect for outdoor living.


The efficient new cantilever-wing design can be constructed on almost any site using readily-available materials and techniques. It is customizable, with a variety of options for exterior and interior materials as well as a wide range of appliances and lighting systems. With a photovoltaic and water storage package, it will be completely off-the-grid.

If you’d like more information, including detailed specifications, please drop us a line in the contact section of this site.


We would love to customize your property for you.


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Live Comfortably Anywhere!

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